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Monitor Temperature in Uncertain Times With Hikvision Thermal Cameras

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Keeping people safe and healthy is essential during the current period of uncertainty. Both authorities and companies are struggling to find ways to help manage this and reduce risk. Hikvision offers temperature measurement solutions to help you take action and win.

Taking the temperature of the situation

Temperature is an important indicator of physical health. In many environments, people with abnormal temperatures could have health problems. To have an adequate effect, it is essential that this is detected and monitored quickly and accurately. But traditional methods of temperature measurement are time-consuming and can put operators at risk. At times like these, a non-contact temperature sensing solution can provide an efficient alternative, reducing manual test time and the safety risk of those involved in sensing.

With advanced detectors and algorithms, Hikvision thermal imaging cameras are designed to detect high temperatures on the skin surface. This means they can be used for quick and preliminary temperature sensing in hospitals, stations, airports and other public places. The cameras have an accuracy rate of up to ± 0.3 ° C (with a black body calibrator), providing a valuable indication of which individuals should have their core body temperature further confirmed by clinical measurement devices.

It only takes a second to detect the surface temperature of a person's skin, and bullet / turret thermal imaging cameras can measure multiple people at the same time. This means that it is efficient in an entrance, for example, where several people will pass at the same time.

The use of artificial intelligence technology means that non-human heat sources, such as hot coffee, are ignored, reducing false alarms.

Once the camera identifies that a person has a higher skin surface temperature, they can be tagged for further measurements. The system can also be useful for monitoring a situation, providing useful anonymous data from a safe distance that supports potential end-user analysis or investigation.

This is all achieved with fewer people, which not only makes it easier to manage and more efficient, but also reduces the overall risk of unnecessary exposure.

Flexible solutions

Hikvision's thermal portfolio has a number of options to assist with temperature sensing. For example, an AI bullet / turret camera combined with iVMS 4200, laptop and bracket can be used as a quick fix that can be installed easily and quickly. For greater accuracy, a solution with a black body calibrator provides an accuracy of ± 0.3 ° C. There is also a more mobile option, using a portable camera that can be connected to a smartphone or PC via wifi to an Hik-Thermal application. This also features a built-in speaker for audio alarm.

There are also solutions that combine temperature control with access control, allowing for entrance monitoring. In addition, the temporary detection solution with metal detection doors can be temporarily installed in a tidy corridor, such as shopping malls, schools, business parks, etc. Finally, the patrol temperature sensing solution can be quickly deployed at fixed entrances and exits for emergencies, such as external events, construction sites or roadblocks. If necessary, people who measure above a certain skin surface temperature refuse to enter until they are double checked with alternative methods.

It is important to remember that Hikvision thermal imaging cameras with temperature detection are designed to detect skin surface temperatures for quick preliminary detection in public areas. Actual body temperatures need to be further confirmed using clinical measurement devices.

This is just one element of a complex range of actions to overcome challenges in times of uncertainty. You can also provide administrators and researchers with useful, securely collected information. Hikvision is committed to developing technologies to enhance the vision of decision makers and professionals and to improve safety and promote sustainable development around the world.