Front-and-centre at DIY Security Supplies is founder and chief coffee maker Andrew Bradley. Andrew entered Information Technology, mainframe programming, and network engineering back in the late 1980’s and is still yet to make a good coffee but thankfully his technical, problem solving, and business skills are lightyears ahead of his barista abilities. Therefore, DIY Security Supplies has a great chance of growth compared to the amateurs, even though we suffer caffeine withdrawal and they don’t. Andrew left the corporate world back in 2006 with an envelope containing a few crushed 1970’sAndrew Bradley DIY Security SuppliesAustralian $1 bills and a weak, geeky, yet well-meaning, handshake and a pat on the back for his 20+ years of 24/7 hard labour and sleep deprivation. It was Andrew choice to leave and one he is still grateful for. He had not slept during his executive position for nearly 4 years at this point, so upon leaving he pretty much hibernated and woke up just in time for Christmas 2007 when Santa bought him an espresso machine. He was saved, and started a new caffeine fuelled existence which he attributes to his success in life. This prompted Andrew to start his very first online business called Locks International which was an enormous and monumental disaster right up there with Pompeii and ABBA but not in that order (apologies to all the ABBA fans – he does like ABBA but don't tell anyone it is just our secret shhhh🤫)

This failure (aka great learning experience) did not phase him though, and he took just one small product from the smoking and twisted train wreck of Locks International and decided that that one product could eventually be turned from a professional-only installation product into something that literally anyone could put into their home or business on their own – a CCTV camera!! A very basic analogue low resolution grainy old CCTV camera back then, but a CCTV camera none-the-less.

Fast forward several years and Andrew’s 1st security company (still running today) was fully operational and installing all forms of electronic security all over the Northern Gold Coast, Southern Brisbane and Brisbane City metropolitan areas, the southern Gold Coast region, and Northern NSW including all rural and farming areas but also Murwillumbah, Tweed Heads, Brunswick Heads, Byron Bay and Ballina. It included every possible type of CCTV system (there are LOTs of different types of CCTV systems), but he also specialized in alarm systems, intercom systems, access control systems, and the occasional espresso coffee machine when the customer was obviously on their last gasp!!

Andrew has now fully trained several staff over the years who are still operating at the very highest levels within the security industry, and this is something he is grateful for and one of his happiest achievements. Some still work with his original business, one of which is now the current owner, and some have moved on into other incredibly prominent roles.

DIY Security Supplies is still a small start-up business 100% Australian owned and staffed but it is making massive leaps and bounds into the online security supplies world.

Being an online supplier is all about awesome service and support!!!

Without which the business is nothing other than just another seller!! The business may as well just be on eBay or Amazon with little or no personal presence behind the products, but that is NOT what DIY Security Supplies is.

We have years and years of technical experience and Andrew is at the coal face every single day overseeing the operations and ensuring that every single customer is looked after and that everyone has everything they need. Not just the products, but also our support and reassurance knowing they have purchased from a legitimate and responsible 100% Aussie business whose values are all about customer satisfaction, customer support, and unparalleled service that goes the extra mile every single day.