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CCTV Security Supplies is a 100% Australian family owned and operated business, and our primary purpose is to deliver outstanding customer support and excellent product value to our customers across Australia and New Zealand. We focus on customer service by taking as long as it takes to explain just how advanced our products are, and then provide a solid and affordable solution for our customers including genuine warranty and ongoing technical support.

Electronic security (alarms, intercom, CCTV, access control, etc.) used to be a relatively simple exercise of running the right cable and then plugging the device in correctly according to how it needed to be cabled (CCTV camera, intercom door station or monitor, and so on). If you got the cabling right then the device worked, yes?

This has been changing for approximately 10 years, but since circa 2019-2020 this has changed enormously! The functions and features being built into all devices, but especially CCTV home security cameras, is far too overwhelming for most people to understand how to configure and exploit the in-depth features of the firmware and AI algorithms now being built into almost every device being sold.

Image of Andrew Bradley, CCTV Security Supplies

My name is Andrew, and I am the founder and managing director of CCTV Security Supplies. I have an extensive background in network engineering, software, programming, structured cabling, telecommunications, storage management, project management, and I have worked with the biggest corporate companies around the world. I have written papers and books and was seconded to the USA to co-author a book for IBM with the 2 other most experienced IT storage management professionals on the planet. That was all part of my corporate life where I learnt much, including exceptional customer service which is the key to any successful enterprise!!

I started specialising in all avenues of electronic security in 2009 and my knowledge since then has grown exponentially. It has been a truly explosive time in technological advancement; and I now deliver my expertise and customer service by providing, not just expert designs and solutions but also, unbeatable value-for-money packages. Added to this is my passion for customer service which I think is the final ingredient required for a thriving and successful business such as CCTV Security Supplies.

I hope you enjoy exploring our website, but PLEASE !!!!!.....if you get stuck please just call us. It is honestly a very difficult task to work out the right home security camera system on your own these days. Even for people who have done it previously, if you haven't done it in the last few years the chances are you will not truly understand all the new terminology, hardware options, software options, and especially the AI features. It's daunting!!

But we are here to help you (currently) from Monday to Saturday 8am to 5pm AEST (and AEDT over summer), and hopefully we will also be able to include Sunday soon as well. 

Warmest regards,
Andrew Bradley