How a Strategic Alliance with CCTV Security Supplies Can Work For Your Business

Are you a builder or an electrician and your customers are asking you for CCTV, intercom, access control or alarm system solutions, but you're not in a position to really help them with what they're asking for? 

CCTV Security Supplies has a solution that doesn't cost you a single dollar, we take care of all technical parts of the job for free, but we then also support your customer ongoing for you. Should they ever have a warranty requirement down the track, we have that covered as well, as they can contact us directly for any product problem or warranty replacement.

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As mentioned in a media article, which may have even brought you to this page, these are the innovations from CCTV Security Supplies which can make a huge impact in your business: 

Pre-configured Systems: Our small team meticulously prepares each system in-house, ensuring it’s ready for straightforward installation, regardless of the project's scale or complexity. 

Remote Setup Completion: Using a variety of software tools, we pride ourselves on the ability to finalise installations remotely for the builder or electrician no matter where they are, significantly reducing the need for a security specialist onsite (if you can even get one) and making the process seamless for our partners. 

Customer Onboarding: CCTV Security Supplies directly engages with every end client to facilitate smartphone app integration and provide thorough tutorials, removing that task from the installer, and guaranteeing a seamless transition and optimising your client’s satisfaction. 

Scalability Across Sectors: Our security solutions are designed to be versatile, catering to residential, commercial, and industrial projects alike, thereby offering partners and clients the flexibility to address a wider range of security needs in future so awe always mindful of expansion and scaling. 

Unmatched Support: CCTV Security Supplies offers direct customer support and warranties to every client, ensuring that all parties involved—electricians, builders, and your clients—are fully supported, ensuring complete peace of mind. 

Competitive Pricing: Despite extensive customer support and a comprehensive array of services, we have maintained very competitive pricing, allowing partners to offer exceptional value without compromising on the profitability of any project. In more simple terms, we leave a lot of margin for you to use at your discretion.

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