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Hikvision DS-2CD2067G2-LU ColorVu, AcuSense, 6MP, Mic, Mini-Bullet Camera

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Hikvision ColorVu DS-2CD2067G2-LU Mini-Bullet Camera

Hikvision ColorVu technology provides 24/7 vivid colour video imaging using a F1.0 super-aperture lens coupled with incredibly high performance image sensors. The F1.0 super-aperture lens collects much more light than regular lenses to produce brighter images whilst the most advanced image sensor technology vastly improves the utilisation of the available light. Matched with in-built smart supplement lighting to compliment the camera, the ColorVu range of super advanced surveillance cameras produces the absolute highest quality colour imaging at night time.

Please view the datasheet for a detailed description of all these cameras features

Image Sensor 1/1.8" Progressive Scan CMOS
Resolution 6MP
24 Hour Colour Yes
Human and vehicle target detection
Supplement Light Type White
Supplement Light Range 40m
Smart Supplement Light Yes
EXIR Infrared N/A 
Microphone (record audio) Yes
Active Deterrent: Speaker No
Active Deterrent: Two-Way Audio No
Active Deterrent: Strobe Light No
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) 130 dB
Deep Learning Function - Face Capture Yes


Darkness provides cover for theft, trespassing, and other crimes. When incidents occur at night, conventional cameras without supplemental lighting miss or lose critical details. Infrared illumination brings out more details in night time lighting conditions, however, it provides only black and white images. Colours missing from the footage sometimes makes it very difficult to provide positive identification.

With ColorVu cameras, the true colour of a person’s clothing or the colour of a vehicle is clearly visible in live viewing mode and in recorded video footage—during daytime, night time, and poor lighting conditions.

Image showing dimensions o the Hikvision ColorVu DS-2CD2067G2-LU Mini-Bullet Camera

Customer Reviews

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Sam White

A reliable guardian for my property. The ColorVu AcuSense camera with a built-in microphone offers comprehensive surveillance and audio.


I'm impressed with how well this camera works. The 6MP lens, ColorVu, AcuSense, and microphone create a robust security solution.

Sophia Turner

The built-in microphone is a game-changer. This camera with ColorVu and AcuSense ensures no security detail goes unnoticed.

Mia Green

This camera is a security powerhouse. The 6MP lens, ColorVu, AcuSense, and microphone work together seamlessly to provide advanced protection.

Amelia Cooper

A valuable investment in security. The 6MP resolution, ColorVu, AcuSense technology, and built-in microphone ensure nothing escapes surveillance.