How Hikvision Thermal Imaging Cameras Stop Fires Before They Start

How Hikvision Thermal Imaging Cameras Stop Fires Before They Start

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DIY Security Supplies is a reliable source of thermal cameras and package solutions for your safety. This is not just a domestic and small business service provider. Our operation is scaled to cater to a full range of support tasks to any level of enterprise. Whether it be commercial, industrial, or government, the Hikvision CCTV kits are ideal for monitoring your property. We have been in the technical and security sectors since the 1980’s and have vaults of experience in multiple disciplines of software solutions, hardware solutions, IT, large enterprise infrastructure, business management, cyber solutions, surveillance at many levels, as well as all forms or alarm and access control. 

One immensely important, if not crucial, component of the safety and prevention industry is surveillance. It is an instrumental part of fire prevention in the 21st century and is now available to the public and local businesses alike at what is now an affordable and realistic price range. This article hopes to raise awareness of this much needed service. 

To stop the spread of fires, the key isn't detection - it's prevention. Forest fires, house fires and apartment fires are a devastating phenomenon. If not quickly contained, they can become incredibly difficult to control, devastating not only hundreds of thousands of miles of land and its local wildlife, but also destroying buildings and in some cases taking lives. 

These thermal cameras allow us to go well beyond traditional detection methods to gather more information more effectively, helping us prevent fires from cropping up. 

For hundreds, and even thousands, of years humans have worked together to prevent the spread of forest fires in heavily forested areas. Yet even today, many vulnerable places still depend on manned watchtowers, foot patrols and aerial patrols to detect if a fire has broken out. These methods are time consuming, error prone, and extremely expensive to maintain. It only takes a few minutes for a real fire to spread to the point where it is impossible to contain it. 

Fire prevention activities are crucial, and a lot of research is focused around in this area of expertise. However, it is getting more and more difficult to manage effectively. In some places the forests are experiencing a higher influx of tourists due to their outstanding natural beauty. This puts them at a higher risk of fire due to visitor negligence or, unfortunately, deliberate arson. 

We can now stop fires before they start with state-of-the-art thermal video surveillance. 

It's good to know that some of the most beautiful forests on the planet are now proactively protected from fires using advanced video technology from Hikvision. 

These smart devices use advanced imaging and fire detection algorithms to detect warning signs of burning wild foliage, as well as heat signatures detected in buildings in the area. The devices instantly alert support staff to a fire before it really breaks out, giving them precious time to take essential preventive measures, contacting fire and rescue services before it’s out of control. This saves precious time which makes a critical difference in the outcome of the fire. 

Here’s a great example! The Deqing County Forestry Bureau in China has built an intelligent 24/7 early warning and monitoring system with Hikvision technology for efficient management of forest areas. The dual-spectrum optical abilities as well as heat sensitive vision elements, with advanced fire detection algorithms are installed to provide 24/7 forest fire detection, monitor and warn against signs of heated or hot foliage before it ignites. 

Thanks to the advanced fire detection algorithms built into these systems, the environmental staff can successfully protect thousands of kilometers of forests and wildlife, while allowing tourists to enjoy the natural beauty safely. 

Forests are Mother Earth's green lungs, a true natural oxygen factory, and they renew our air supply by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. The forest is rich in resources, but how to protect the forest and achieve a harmonious coexistence between humans and forests? Deqing, a forestry town in northern Zhejiang Province in China has shown us years of good practice in forest management, conservation and sustainable development. 

The Deqing Forest Area is home to innumerable species including more than 500 species of land plants alone. The people of Deqing deeply understand the importance of forest protection, so they discovered a way to develop ecotourism while protecting local forest resources. One of the most urgent tasks of forest protection is the prevention of fires in or near forests. 

In recent years, Mogan Mountain, Deqing has witnessed the rapid development of Bed and Breakfast tourism. Currently, there are more than 700 agricultural enterprises in West Deqing. The number of tourists visiting the mountain forests has increased significantly and the average length of stay has also increased. There will be a huge environmental and economic loss if a forest fire occurs. 

To solve this problem, the Deqing County Forestry Office worked with Hikvision to develop an intelligent early warning and monitoring system for effective management of forest areas. 

Over the past two years, Deqing County has gradually upgraded its wildfire prevention system, which is based solely on nature and manpower, to a new real-time model that is based on science and technology. 

This dual spectrum network, the DS-2TD8135-100C2FL with advanced fire detection algorithms, is installed to provide 24/7 wildfire detection, monitor and warn against signs of hot foliage which is instrumental in preventing fires before they even begin. Instead of extinguishing a fire after it has occurred, staff receive significant advance notice of the potential fire. Even if the fire has in fact started they can still react instantly, creating a very different outcome with a much happier ending. Contact us to find out more about kits and packages.