Four ways to enhance your home security system

Four ways to enhance your home security system

Here are four ways to enhance your home security system

It's much easier to make a security system smarter than you can imagine. By focusing on a few key elements, it becomes simple and useful in the long run - it makes operations more streamlined and efficient, it gathers everything you need in the palm of your hand, and it generates powerful security information.

1. Think about proactive security

A traditional video security system works through passive surveillance, which means it is mentioned when events occur. What for? Usually, there is little or no intelligence to detect a true intrusion event, and so many alerts trigger a mixture of authentic and insignificant events together. This is a reality that makes it difficult for security personnel to focus and act.

 A smarter security system that accurately identifies intrusion events and discourages intruders in the first place can turn passive surveillance into proactive security.

The best example is Hikvision AcuSense technology.

Facilities are equipped with cameras equipped with AcuSense technology so that they can detect day and night intrusions of a vehicle or human. If an intruder enters an area of attention, an alarm will be triggered, and at the same time the on-site camera produces a flashing light and a hearing warning - which can be pre-recorded - in order to deter the intruder. At the same time, security personnel are informed on the screen with a video clip showing what is happening. Therefore, action can be taken immediately. In this way, facilities can protect their property with more confidence. 

2. When it comes to forensic research

Now that the system allows for an immediate response, one may be conscious of using it for forensic research.

Most video recorded on an NVR or DVR  are rarely  seen. But when it comes to a short piece of video, operators face thousands of hours of recorded video. An intelligent search for video files can greatly simplify the task and help an investigator quickly find evidence of an event. Solutions can be found in intelligent video analysis, for example, human and vehicle detection,  license plate recognition and other powerful features.

One of Hikvision's offerings is Deep In Mind NVR. This can effectively identify people separated from other objects such as animals or leaves captured by surveillance cameras. Thus, as soon as there is a line crossing record of a person, the NVR recognizes it and starts recording, which ranks the video clip more with a label for a practical search. In this way, investigators looking for evidence of an intruder's intrusion can simply specify line-crossing search criteria, and select the category labelled human events. The system quickly displays all relevant videos. 

 3. Smarter with convergence

Most security systems were self-contained, that is, they were designed to operate independently and independently. But users needed to access and manage each system with respective platforms and connections. If you take the next step to get a convergent system, the overall solution can take security to a whole new level.

A smarter, unified security solution allows users to access all the security features of a platform that covers video cameras, access control, intercom, alarm equipment, and more. As a bonus, when these systems converge, users can set rules for event types, calendars, and actions triggered, such as link alerts to the release of a particular camera that captures the security flaw.  

The convergence of the system allows for flexible interconnection between different devices, allowing the user to adapt to his needs in different scenarios. With Hikvision's latest offer - Hik-Connect- it can easily increase your security with more convenience.  

 4. Solid ideas beyond safety

Once your security action is streamlined, business information can come next. For example, people counting technologies, queue  recording and  thermal mapping. Today's smart people with two lenses that count cameras can accurately track customer feeds and figures, helping retailers adjust staffing levels at different times; while thermal mapping cameras help understand hot spots throughout the store floor and optimize layout. In addition, queue detection cameras can be placed to monitor queues in real time, helping retailers manage their checkout lines. All of these methods improve operational efficiency and the in-store shopping experience.

 The solution can be obtained using smart video cameras  such as the Hikvision DeepinView series,while a well-executed VMS like Hikvision's HikCentral  handles all the information sent by the cameras and generates reports that retailers can view and respond to.  It integrates with most other Hikvision products, including  IP cameras,and can also beintegratedwith third-party systems and cameras.


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A smarter security solution can be designed by focusing on front cameras, built from the backend, or fully deployed with the entire structure as turnkey solution.

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