Professional Alternatives to Bunnings Security Cameras

Professional Alternatives to Bunnings Security Cameras

If you are looking for security cameras at Bunnings, you may want to have a good look at CCTV security supplies as well before you buy anything. CCTV security supplies provides professional quality security cameras that Bunnings cannot stock. Our CCTV security cameras are not the kind of cameras that you can buy in any retail or hardware store. Security cameras at Bunnings may indeed be considered as easy to set up, but many people have found that setting up wireless cameras using Wi-Fi around your home can still be a tricky exercise.

At CCTV security supplies we custom make affordable professional security systems designed exactly to the specifications that you need for your home or business. The cameras that we sell, primarily Hikvision, are vastly superior with a lot more functionality and wired cameras have a lot more longevity without the headache of Wi-Fi dropouts or changing batteries. Yes, the initial installation can be a little bit more difficult running a cable through your roof space, but we promise it is a worthwhile exercise as there is no maintenance to then worry about except for cleaning the front of your camera every once in a while. Even if you do buy wireless Bunnings security cameras they still need to be cleaned just as regularly, but you also have the problem of regular changing of batteries and loss of signal through your Wi-Fi network.

CCTV Security Supplies designs fully customised CCTV and electronic security packages then ships them to anywhere in Australia with free delivery. We pre-configure our professional security systems in our warehouse, so they are ready for you to simply put in place and turn on. There is no programming or setup required, and once turned on we login remotely to finish the onsite customisation for you, saving you a lot of time and frustration. Al of this support and service is free to you. We connect your security system to the application server then set up the apps for your iPhone, Android, or PC so you can access and control your CCTV, alarm or intercom system from anywhere in the world with a phone connection. Whether you're a DIY person, a builder, a renovator, or an electrician please call us to find out how we provide all the friendly service and advice you need to get the job done.

Buying Bunnings security cameras might seem like a great idea at the time, but the fact is that you don't get the technical help and support you need to install the security once you get it home. This is something that CCTV Security Supplies circumvents by being there for every customer that we supply our professional security systems to. Every customer gets our backup service before we even send the security system to them. We do this by assessing your network at your home and then preconfigure the entire system to match your network settings the moment it is turned on. This means you do not have to go through any kind of setup or configuration requirements at all, it just works. We also back this up further by logging into the security equipment from our office once it is up and running. We go through all the onsite customisation with you setting up motion detection areas, perimeter protection, line crossing, voice warning activation, strobe light activation, and enabling the app on your phones to get alerts and security warnings.

We stock only professional equipment which cannot be purchased from a store. We supply equipment that is installed by security professionals all around Australia, in schools, commercial factories, and government buildings. The equipment that we source and supply to our customers is considered to be the epitome of professional security equipment which lasts for many years without any maintenance requirement whatsoever except for cleaning. The longevity of our equipment is many times that of the slightly less expensive Bunnings security cameras.

For example let’s take a look at this CCTV security system, the Hikvision 8 channel CCTV system with 1 x ColorVu camera and 3 AcuSense 8MP CCTV Cameras. This is one of the more expensive systems that we have at $1995 including GST and free delivery but what you get for this price is something that makes your home an intelligent fortress which no trespasser or intruder will ever get through without detection and automatically being warned away from your property. The Hikvision ColorVu camera provides 24 hour colour under any conditions and has built-in ambient light sources to colorize the intruder capturing vital information such as the colour of their clothes, the colour of their hair, any distinguishing marks, or even the colour of the vehicle that they are driving. These are vital pieces of information to capture if there is ever an intruder at your property. On top of capturing the detail in colour, the Hikvision AcuSense cameras have two-way audio so you can communicate with the person at your property anytime of the day whether they should be there or not. Hikvision AcuSense cameras are highly intelligent in so many ways with a firmware product called Deep Learning, being able to specifically detect a human or a vehicle (or both!!) rather than objects like pets, birds or anything else which moves. These cameras automatically warn any human intruder that they are on CCTV and can activate strobe lights to act as another level of intrusion warning.

Another much less expensive option at $995 might be the Hikvision HiLook 4CH NVR Kit with 4 x IPC-T261H-MU 6MP Turret Cameras and a Western Digital 1Tb hard drive which includes our professionally made ethernet LAN cables. This package includes everything you need for a complete ultra-high definition fully cabled professional CCTV system. This system has built in microphones for recording audio, and they are made from a powder coasted aluminium alloy rated at IK10 vandal proof which is the highest vandal resistance rating in Australia and makes them incredibly rust proof as well.

CCTV camera longevity, the camera picture quality, the weatherproof rating and vandal resistance of the equipment that you buy are all crucial considerations to think about. The security equipment we supply might be in a slightly different price bracket to some of the Bunnings security camera kits but they are superior in so many ways and this is hopefully something to think about when making your choice.

Please mail us at if you would like any information on our security packages or if you would like to call us, we would love to hear from you. Our mobile support number is 0428 123 000 and we’re available from 7am to 6pm 7 days a week.